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Create cutting-edge environmental mechatronic solutions to support SMEs in their transition to a viable, sustainable and diversified circular economy, in harmony with the environment,
the community 
and the principles of permaculture.


  • Respect our environment, our community, our values, our employees.
  • Aim for efficiency, sustainability, sustainability, flexibility and simplicity in all our projects.
    (example: distance oneself from the grip of the large controlling platforms).

  • Act as a positive leader to show the way towards an economically viable transition.
  • Share and cooperate with our community in an active way.
  • Actively seek solutions to help the environment.


  • Actively support the development of the talents of our employees, our partners,
    our customers and our community.

  • Prepare the succession now to ensure a pleasant future for all.
  • Continue to push the boundaries of the impossible.